SheepSkinShoes takes on new challenges in footwear fashion

November 1st, 2013


Over the last 3 years, has been working towards developing our own brand of fashionable footwear that is setting a new standard in the industry.  These dual stitched, twin faced boots utilize an additional layer of sheepskin for improved comfort while also providing arch support.  Coming in a variety of different styles and colors, the SheepskinShoes brand stands for unbeatable comfort and the highest quality of foot fashion available.

“I have worked at a variety of weddings this season, but at the end of the night I always throw on my pair of classic-shorts.  The arch support, and incredibly soft interior is the highlight of my night”

Amanda Moore
Wedding DJ
Andy Morris Entertainment


As the market is continuing to look to sheepskin products for there versatility, durability, and general aesthetic qualities, we know there are many options out there to choose from. Here at we want to help you make that choice just a bit easier.  Visit us online today to see how we achieve comfort differently.

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